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ConTrak is a management tool for equipment rental businesses
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ConTrak is a management tool for equipment rental businesses. It was developed to be used in the construction industry, but actually it can be used in any equipment rental businesses. It lets you track and manage your equipment, different projects, and employees - all from a single window.

After you have set up the application with some basic information about your business and some tax information about your operations, you can start adding information. The first thing that you would probably want to do is to add your equipment. For each piece of equipment that you add, you can fill out several fields with important information such as description, manufacturer, category, type, model, location, model number, serial number, purchase order, and how much you want to charge to rent that specific piece of equipment per hour, day, week or month. You can also add a maximum rental charge if you want. If the item has a warranty, you can specify the date it expires. Lastly, you can add an image of the item.

After you have added all your equipment, you will be able to easily search for it by description name, manufacturer, type, etc. If you add a project, you can also start renting the tools to your customer and see how much money you benefit from that particular project.

The app will keep track of your operations and it can provide you with detailed project or equipment reports.

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